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Name: Suicune/Graceful/Grace/Flareon/Xanthe.
Gender: Female.
Voice Type: Normal? Average. It's not very deep but not high.
Languages/Accents: Australian, American, English (a bit shabby). As for languages, only English. xD
Contact Details: Pe2k via PM and VM, email (contact me via PM if you want to know it) ; AIM: XantheFlareon ; deviantART (GoldFlareon).
Availability: Every day. My time is GMT +10. On weekdays I'm available from about 5 pm till 9 pm (recording times--being online is up to 11pm), and weekends it's from about 12 pm to 9 pm on and off (again, recording times).
Voice Sample: Clicky. :3
Characters voiced so far: Dusty (from my story, Through the Eyes of a Flareon), Solita (Kaioo's story), narrator part (Giratina's story, Rock Megaphone), Rosie, Redclaw and Thunder (Scytherwolf's story, The Path of Destiny).
Projects in progress: Lani (Kumori Gem's story, Team Stormriders), Spirit of Christmas (HKim's project), narrator (Eraizaa-kun's project).

I'll only post clips here I initiated. For parts I've played for other people's voice acting scenes, find the people who have "held" them, I suppose.


- Through the Eyes of a Flareon
Dusty, female - played by me.
Zhol, female - played by Elecii.
Random bidoof, female - played by Doodlebop.
Random pokemon - played by JokesterJesse, Scytherwolf, HKim, me.
Random chatot, male - played by Shen
Haunter, male - XaiakuX

In future/have not been in a scene and therefore don't have actors yet:
Izante, female -
Raiys, male -
Azure, female -
Luck, male -
Shard, male -
Habib, male -
Yukra, male -
Ikari, female -
Mynk, female -
(And more. Just don't want to list every possible character. xD)

Script excerpts:
#1. Chapter 15: A Wet Quest (Oh, Dam!)
Zhol: “D-Dusty?”

Dusty: “They got you too?”

Zhol: “...‘Got me’? - (Pause) - Dusty, what are you doing here?”

Dusty: “Yeah...well... I actually did move...because some stupid pokémon lured me outside the bushed off area! And then the next thing I knew I was seeing stars and being dragged into that house thing made of trees. I’m not here ‘cause I wanna be. Those bozos captured me against my will, and now they want me to help.”

Zhol: “These pokémon are vague friends of my colony.”

Dusty: “W-wh...uhh...they are?” ‘Why would they want to be?!’

Zhol: “Yes. They raised one of our members as their own despite him being neither a bidoof nor bibarel.”

Dusty: “Right... So, why do they need me to help them fend off...‘invaders’?” (Zhol is confused and needs filling in.) “Uhh...according to them a group o’ pokémon have a problem with them, not that I blame them, and the pokémon here are worried they’re gonna attack. – (Pause) – We don’t have to we? It’s really not something I’m keen on doing... It’s not even our fight!”

Zhol: “You shouldn’t be so hasty.”

Dusty: ‘Oh, the irony...’

Zhol: “It is true the battle does not concern either of us, but I cannot turn my back on the colony’s friends. In turn I guarantee they will help us when we’re in need of it.”

Dusty: “Great, so it’s an ‘even if you’re not part of it, you should still care’ kinda thing?”

Zhol: “...Please understand.” (Zhol crosses the river.)

Dusty: “ the dark side.”

Bidoof: “Excusing me now, please.”

Dusty: “Uhh... I am excusing you now, please?”

Bidoof: “You are coming with me now, please.”

Dusty: “Wait. Where are we going?”

Bidoof: “I am taking you now to have the battle plan for tonight explained to you, flareon.”

Dusty: “What, no grand tour? (Zhol gives her a look.) Joking...”

*they arrive*

Bidoof: “We are here now.”

Dusty: “Uhh...yeah. How exactly do we get in? I don’t see a way through...”

Bidoof: “We are going underwater now, please, where the entrance is.”

Dusty: “WHAT?!”

Bidoof: “Is there a problem?”

Dusty: “Uhh, yeah! I’m a fire type! Fire types hate water!”

Zhol: “Dusty, you have to comply.”

Dusty: “But, Zhol! I can’t even swim properly...and my fur takes forever to dry.”

Zhol: “It can’t be helped. I’m not fond of water myself.”

Dusty: “But you’re part ice.”

Zhol: “Ice and water are two separate elements—even though one is created from the other.”

Dusty: “Oh yeah...”

Bidoof: “We will not dawdle for any longer! Be following me now!”

Dusty: “Ugh...”

Bidoof: “Quickly!”

Dusty: “I’ll show you... Stupid water...” (She dips her paw in, recoiling instantly.) “No, NO! There’s no way I’m going in there! Put me through fire, chuck me into a pit of snakes—but do not expect me to swim for you.”


#2 Chapter 8 - Fighting for Freedom

“Alright, now, you lot: as soon as we get out there, fly to the shore to find things like rocks to bring back and attack the humans with. In any way possible, tempt the humans to send out any flying types of their own. If their pokémon are in the air with you, then they probably won’t want to take their guns and shoot in case their pokémon are shot.”

Random pokémon #1: “I don’t know if this will work... It sounds scary.”

Random pokémon #2: “Yeah...”

Random altaria: “Well, I’m just going to fly away and not come back. What’s the point in returning?!”

Random pelipper: “I was thinking the same thing. That flareon’s plan is ridiculous, anyway. It’ll never work. Don’t know what in the world she’s thinking.”

Random pokémon #3: “What about all those pokémon who would just fly away and not return?”

Dusty: “Any kind of sick-minded selfish flying rat that chooses to do such a thing won’t be going to the nicer of the two Afterworlds. They’d be leaving us all! They’ll live to carry in their hearts a great deal of guilt. – (Pause) – All vine whip users—throw the humans off board, along with any pokémon that try to oppose us! Pokémon with confuse ray—confuse them until they can be confused no more! Pokémon with quick attack, speed charge or agility—use your speed to your advantage! By the way, (looks to haunter) you’ll have to repeat all this to the pokémon in the other crates before you break their locks.”

Haunter: “ can I remember all that you’ve just said?”

Dusty: “...Hm... Can you go through walls with other pokémon?”

Haunter: “O-only one.”

Dusty: “Good enough! (Looks for a candidate.) You, chatot!”

Chatot: “Yeah?”

Dusty: “Come up here, will ya?”

Chatot: “What?”

Dusty: “Chatter.”

Chatot: “Excuse me?”

Dusty: “You’re excused. Chatter.”

Chatot: “Ch-chatter?”

Dusty: “Chatter! Use your move chatter. This haunter will take you through the wall and into all of the other crates so you can repeat what I’ve said. That way, everyone in the other crates’ll know what to do if they haven’t already figured it out, and he won’t have to remember anything I’ve said.”

Chatot: “What?! I’m not doing that! It’s putting me in danger!”

“You think that nobody else is going to be in danger?! (Pause, turns to look at the others.) Listen! This is not a game! Neither is it a guarantee that everyone is going to escape unharmed...or even alive. If you lot think you’re in more danger than the rest of us, you’re wrong! Every one of us is going to be fighting for our lives! If a bullet from the humans’ guns is fired at any of us land pokémon, we’ll be more likely to be hit than any of you! Team Rocket humans will have more land than sky pokémon. That means that we will be the ones being injured the most! I want you to all understand that we have to work as a team and co-operate if we want this to work out. The humans are gonna put up a fight...and we must counter it with all we've got.”

Scytherwolf's The Path of Destiny (a.k.a. NOT MY STORY)


1. Thunder and Rosie's argument

Thunder: “Leave me alone, or I’ll chop your tails off!”

Rosie: “I’m not afraid of you! A blind hatchling could see that you wouldn’t last a second fighting a fire type! You probably couldn’t even get close to me without passing out again…you need to learn your place, learn to shut up, and learn that you aren’t the most powerful pokémon ever-you get weak just like the rest of us!”

Redclaw: “Stop this now. Rosie, go up with Snowcrystal at the front of the group. Thunder…”

Thunder: “I’ll do what I want! That ninetales can only fight with petty words. I can tear her apart!”

Redclaw: “And you will do nothing of the sort. Stay here. She won’t bother you.”

Thunder: “Coward!”

Parodyish picture:

There we go. x)

Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

Pokemon Crossroads!
Pe2k's spiritual successor! :D I'm Suicune's Fire there.

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