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Default Re: PokeRome (SU- Roleplay begun; still accepting members)

You already know what I want. Reserve me as a Roselia named Thorn, who is part of the bad team. :)

Edit: I swear, i'll kill my Wii. This is the fourth time i've done this...

Name: Thorn
Species: Roselia
Age 25
Physical Description: Sorry it's a picture, but i've got irritated of typing the same thing over and over...
History: Thorn had a nightmarish childhood. Her, her younger brother and her caring Roserade mother were constantly abused and attacked by Thorn's evil father, a Shiftry. Everyday that she woke, she could hear her mother being abused and attacked. However, her younger brother, a Seedot named Trae who took after her father, was a prime example of how much Thorn was like her mother. She would try as hard as possible to stop him from being harmed, just like Thorn's mother did to her. He was being bullied one day, and recieved a gash across his chest. Thorn had left the bullies. paralyzed and close to death. This was when she was 5. That was the start of her slow transformation into her father. It wasn't long until Thorn's mother passed away and the abuse and the beatings passed to her. She had to live with it until she was powerful enough to deal with her father. That took twenty years. At that point, she was more than willing to deal with her father. She left him dying in a pool of toxins, poisons and his own blood, his skin corroding and his mental wellbeing gone. She had to tell Trae that she had killed their father for their own good. Upon hearing it, Trae had evolved right in front of her. Thorn and Trae then had to live as fugitives.

For two years they were fugitives. At first, it didn't work out. She was too kind, too feminine, and Trae couldn't do much to help. She realized she had to put her ways behind her and do what she had to do to survive, for her and Trae. She had to kill or blackmail for simple things - food, water, shelter, and she had to tell Trae constantly that it was either that, or death. And she believed her. The killings were always rewarded with necessities, however, and before long, she had slowly become her father. Trae also stole TM's, food and money for them, becoming a very skilled thief, and that helped them both. However, it was inevitable; killing became her love. Torture became her paramour.

Nero soon caught wind of the brother and sister that killed all who crossed her path. He sent troops to retrieve them, a group of Sceptile. They were slaughtered. The next group was a group of Blaziken, and even they were slaughtered. Nero grew tired of sending troops to their deaths constantly, and went after the Roselia by herself. The battle that ensued when he tried to seize her was ferocious, Nero taking several hard-hitting blows, and Trae having to sit through it all, instructed by Thorn to stay back. He was her responsibility now, and she couldn't fail him. It wasn't until he made an offer to Thorn that she stopped. Her and Trae were offered a place to stay, food, water, and as much fighting as she could possibly want. Thorn accepted, naturally.

Thorn is now a highly respected general of Nero's army, with her brother being second in command. She has had many fights in her three years fighting there, and has come out unscathed almost every time. Everyone who has crossed paths with her is dead now. If you cross Thorn, you're signing a death wish. Thorn will hunt you down. Thorn will kill you.
Other: If you mention her father, she'll attempt to kill you. Her main enjoyment comes through causing as much pain as possible. And, although she doesn't ten to pay too much attention to her little brother (RP'ed by Mightydes), she is very protective of him, and will protect him, even at the cost of his life.

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