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Default (shop) PickleBoy's Egg Shop!

Hello one and hello all! This is my fabulous one-of-a-kind Egg Shop. "One of a kind?" you ask, and I say "indeed". How is this egg shop so unique from any other egg shop you might come across? Well, for one, this isn't the kind of shop where you actually choose which Pokemon you want me to breed. Oh no, not at all. This shop is all about luck. Win or lose is depended solely on your opinion.
So enough of that banter. If I don't breed eggs, what exactly is it that I do, or in better words, DONE? Way back in the days of black and white (geddit?) I made Eggs for some reason or other, and the ones that never made it through the hatching phase we stored in my PC boxes. Now the Pokemon, after literally three entire years of being trapped in an egg, are looking for Trainers to give them a life destiny had so greatly prolonged. Welcome to Mystery Eggs!

So you're interested in these so-called "Mystery Eggs", you say? Well, obtaining them is relatively quite simple. All you really have to do is follow the simple rules below.
-The Mystery Eggs, for lack of a better word, are "free". Free meaning that you can give me any Pokemon you desire AS LONG AS IT IS LEGIT! I by no means receive hacked, sav, or anything related to such abomination. Don't ask about it, don't talk about it.
-You can either request a Mystery Egg by posting or private message. If you post on this thread, please be on topic and to point.
-You MUST choose a number between 1 and the number of current Mystery Eggs. If you do not decide on a number, you will not get a Mystery Egg.
- In addition to choosing your number, please post your Friend Code in the same post!
-You are to obtain ONE Mystery Egg a day, period. No asking for more than one!
-Do NOT Trade me an Egg for an Egg. No particular reason for this rule, just don't do it, please.
-All trades after the official saving point are final. If you are not satisfied with the Pokemon you received, all i can say is "sorry, better luck next time".
-Not particularly a rule, but if you're a fun person, please tell me the Pokemon in which you have hatched out of your Mystery Egg. In all honesty, I have no idea what could be in that Mystery Egg either. And plus, it will add to my list!

Number of current Mystery Eggs: 56
Pokemon that have been previously hatched via Mystery Egg:

My Friend Code: 2150 4323 4233

Pending List:
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