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Default Re: LMSSI Clan Shop: Its back!

Time to unload some of that accumulating BP for something more useful :P

If its not too much trouble I would like *deep breath*

Shiny Jolly Diglett 70 SP
Lonely Tentacruel 75 SP
Calm HP Electric Slowpoke 55 SP
Shiny Careful Curse Grimer 70 SP
Naughty HP Electric Horsea 55 SP
Shiny Trapinch 60 SP
Shiny Mild HP Grass Elekid 80 SP
And the Adamant SD Swift Swim Quilfish with no price that I saw :P
Along with the Impish Beldum that you said I got as a gift for the suggestion :D

Adding up to 465 SP + Whatever you're charging for the Quilfish

EDIT: Also ordering a Calm Dragonite 70 SP
and the Bold HP electric Eevee 75 SP

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