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Default Re: Black/White - Travel Journal

Originally Posted by Mr420 View Post

PLot:just did the Dragon Tower scenario and got to see N& Reshiram fly off.
I also beat & got my 7th Gym badge, also did some scouting on route 8 but team Plasma is *ockblocking the route to the next bridge to the next city/town
Whats next what did I leave out?.? any help mucho help?
I believe you gotta head on over to the Ancient Castle in the desert now.

As for me, I'm up to Gym 7 now, but I've only been concentrating on training new guys. The stronger ones have barely changed in level.

Worm - 42
Mole - 41
Thorn - 41
Jelly - 37
Web - 39 (Evolving him once he learns Bug Buzz: level 48 is much better than level 60)

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