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I'm an athiest....nuff said....I guess I should give you reasons though....
  1. The way the men in the bible treat women is disgusting
  2. There is too much pain and suffering in this world for there to be a God
  3. Ehem....evolution!? There's plenty of proof; MONKEYS FTW!
  4. At my primary school, we had a religious education class....I got mama to excuse me from it permenantly >_>
  5. I don't want to become one of those mindless drones that would apparently give up their life for some dude that prolly doesn't exist
Now please pardon me if I have greatly offended anyone, but we are all entitled to opinions and this is mine. I have absolutely have no doubt there was a guy named Jesus, but there is no proof he had any of those said powers of providing miracles.

I would however, love to learn about any of those slightly 'darker' as many say, religions and cults. Like those who worship the goddess Nyx, or any of the pagan or previously said wiccan groups. Buddhism is also quite an interesting belief, and many of the mythologies like the Greeks and Romans are sorta cool.

Now to those Christians/Catholics who are gunna flame me; I concede that we are both atheists, because once you realize why you dismiss all the other possible religions; you'll understand why I dismiss yours. Because out of all other religions, what makes you so sure yours is the only right one.

Pardon the short story, you may now leave

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