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Default Re: Battling Center Feedback: Now with new thought! =9

Okay, bumping this topic up for a rather serious post regarding to the PE2K.

Me and the staff of PE2K have been trying to find ways of improving our battling center. Let's face it, the place is barely active, with four main clans and no war occuring for goodness knows how long. The battling center is a dying subforum and I think we all know this.

But that may all be about to change. I'd like members of the clans in this board to post their opinions and suggestions on this somewhat controversial subject.

The PE2K staff have devised ways to improve this place. First was the implementation of the following rules: (note that these haven't been put into practice. Don't worry, the purpose of this post isn't to change the battling center right now, but just to see what others would think/feel about them. If you don't like them, feel free to say so. I plan to make a poll on the following, I'll link to it once it is made.)
  • Rule Suggestion #1: Somewhat minor, but all new clans must have at least 6 members instead of 5 to become official. This makes becoming an official clan that little bit harder, and so if it doesn't work out then the members can join the current clans (if any space).
  • Rules Suggestion #2: All clans must have at least two wifi battlers, two shoddy/pokelab battlers and one PO battler before a clan WAR can be declared between two clans. This allows diversity in clans and in clan WARs, instead of having one type of battler saturated in one clan.
  • Rule Suggestion #3: Now, this is the highly controversial one. I think that the maximum amount of members in one clan should be cut from 15 to 10. With 3 clans with 15 members each, no one can join any clans due to the current limit, and new members aren't likely to start up their own clan anytime soon. Yes, this rule does imply that 5 members from each clan need to leave / be kicked, and I know many of you will not like this. However, that means 15 members will be clanless, and that means at least 2 new clans will be created. At the moment, Burning Inferno can disregard this rule, with only 8 members present.
  • Rule Suggestion #4: This rule is only imposed in some clans. I'd like to make it a rule across the board. If a member is not active (i.e: posting at least once a week) then they shall be kicked. This opens up space for newer, more active member to join.

Opinions and suggestions are very much appreciated. Feel free to suggest more rules if necessary.

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