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Default Re: Battling Center Feedback: Now with new thought! =9

By dividing up clans, we aren't auctually gaining members, but possibly activity.
-I also think that we must find ways to attract other members to join, weather it may be more activities/tournements, trades, giveaways...

-PE2K needs to pull itself together and get some kind of get together or SOMETHING to get more people active. Recruit. Maybe if there was some kind of reward for being active? I know on Pokecommunity, Moderators can gift "emblems" to players who deserve recognition, for example, posting a lot, participating in some event, helping/organizing events, good citizenship, etc... This makes it so player will WANT to gain emblems/fame... Kind of like a ranking rather than a bunch of player free floating

I agree to Rules 1 , 2, and 4. Maybe Rule 3... but clans should talk to eachother so the members don't just become memberless and stay that way (ie, elect leader)