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Umbreon ducked her head as a shower of stars fell upon her, exploding and sending sparks of golden light in every direction. Umbreon finally lifted her head back up and shook it a bit, but by the time she had recovered, Espeon had already made its next move. Arching its body toward the sky, Espeon sent a thin beam shooting strait up into the clouds. Umbreon looked up, a perplexed look in her golden eyes. Alden looked more nervous That must be a Future Sight, thought the trainer. How is Umbreon going to avoid an attack that could come at any moment?

"Look out," shouted Alden, snapping the black pokemon's trance. Umbreon looked down, from the sky, to her trainer. "It looks like a future sight attack. You have to be on guard because you never know when exactly it is going to hit you." The pokemon nodded her head, acknowledging her trainer's advice.

Well, for now I guess there is only one thing to do, thought the trainer. "Alright Umbreon, since we likely have a little bit of time before that future sight hits, lets go on the offensive!" The tranier pointed at the Espeon, who was staring warily at Umbreon. "Use a Confuse Ray!"

Umbreon sat down on the patch of ground she was currently on and closed her eyes. The blue lines and circles on her body faded, leaving a sleak black appearance to the entirety of the pokemon's fur. After a second of what looked like intense concentration, Umbreon opened her golden eyes. Her stripes and rings blazed with a bright, intense blue, and a ray of light shot out of her eyes toward the Espeon. The light, with its sinister, yet colorful hue, enveloped the Espeon.
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