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Default Re: Best Non-Legendary Psychic Type?

Originally Posted by Fire Away View Post
Gardevoir is easily the most versatile. A huge movepool gives it a ton of great options. I don't think it's the best, but the movepool award goes to it.

Metagross is probably the most powerful.
Gardevoir has no defense against the dark arts. in other words its defense is shallow and whatever other pokemon have to protect against fire, this baby don't got.

as for metagross, points for being a steel/psychic but i'm sure theres better psychics out there.

as for me, i nix the whole type. psychic just dies too fast. ghost/dark is better, although my choice seems to be pathetic.

neways, whats that one eeveelution thats psychic?
thats right little girl, follow the little white bunny...
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