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Default Re: Foreign languages in Fanfiction

Originally Posted by Phantom Kat View Post
Interesting thread. Well, I used a bit of Finnish in my last chapter of My Guardian Angel. I'm pretty sure I've used Spanish a couple of times before. But all of these were to come up with names or things or people. I've never had a bilingual character really because:

1) How would French, for example, fit into the Pokemon world?

2) I only know English and Spanish.

Mmm, it would be interesting to have a bilingual character. I know I'll be using more Finnish for names and stuff, but maybe I'll have a character speak in Spanish or Spanglish. I am fluent in both. :P

- Kat

Well, Fantina and Juan are French, no?

I use Japanese, Greek and Latin names a lot. As I mentioned earlier, I want to start using Latin more. And Greek. That would be nice.
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