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Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
For me it was actually the moon. I was in the middle of studying the eclipse for a science class and it just randomly struck me. The position of the moon relative to the earth is just far enough that, when it passes in front of the sun, it blocks it out almost completely except for a single ring in what is arguably the most beautiful vision that can possibly be viewed with the naked eye. Anything else beautiful in nature I can buy simple science doing that. Abiogenesis? Sure. Canyons? Sure. Mountains? Sure. But what are the odds that the moon's orbit would end up at that exact right distance for its precise size? That just pushed me over the edge into deism. I still don't believe that the higher power does anything anymore though (unless it is Glenn Beck, in which case I don't want to live in his world).
Actually "total" eclipses are rare, annual and partial eclipses where the moon is smaller than the sun resulting in a ring around it or is only partially obscuring the sun are much more common. However, because the moon's distance from the Earth varies by quite a bit, sooner or later it will cover the sun at just the right distance... so even that is not beyond probability.

There's also a theory that without the right-sized moon at the right distance, life as we know it could not exist as a large moon at the proper distance stabilizes a planet's axis, stopping it from rolling around so much, meaning massive climate changes that could prevent advanced lifeforms from evolving. So there's that.

As for the geometric argument... math strives to describe the physical universe, if it didn't we wouldn't have math. We focus so much on conics because they are useful. If they weren't, we'd find something else that describes motion, and then we'd see that as a sign from God.

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