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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Hello everyone, I love creating pokemon gyms so much. I haven't been on this for quite a while due to an awful earthquake. This is the 8th and last gym. Enjoy!

Gym 8

Gym name:Scapite Gym
Cool Trainer Reuben
Opening quote:"This is the toughest gym in the region. Get ready."

Moves:Supersonic Psybeam Silver wind Sleep powder

Moves:Bite Sand-attack Swagger Take down

Defeating quote:"You are TOUGH?!"
Prize money:$1,750
Afterwards quote:"Toughness is valuable in battles. Remember that."

Cool Trainer Ariana
Opening quote:"Easy on the eyes. Especially in our battle ahead."

Moves:Dragonbreath Crunch Screech Earthquake

Defeating quote:"You did go easy on the eyes. I apologize."
Prize money:$1,900
Afterwards quote:"Strongness and strategy in the mind. We hand out useful statements if you win."

Cool Trainer Edward
Opening quote:"Passing me is for some an achievement. That means I'm tough."

Moves:Thunder fang Crunch Light screen Iron tail

Moves:Revenge Focus energy Cross chop Rock tomb

Moves:Flamethrower Bite Hyper beam Aerial ace

Defeating quote:"Your achievement has succeeded. Well done!"
Prize money:$2,000
Afterwards quote:"Thoughts are important during battles.They can be good."

Cool Duo Naomi & Jordan
Opening quote:Naomi:"We are unstoppable. This battle will not be easy." Jordan:"Me and Naomi are one of the best and most powerful pokemon duo in the region. That's why we're here."

Moves:Solarbeam Sunny day Aerial ace Earthquake

Moves:Ice punch Shadow ball Trick room Earthquake

Moves:Iron head Water pulse Stone edge Brick break

Moves:Poison fang Ice fang Bug bite Double team

Moves:Ice beam Psychic Shadow ball Fake tears

Moves:Signal beam Discharge Dark pulse Psychic

Defeating quote:Naomi:"Unbelievable." Jordan:"This is absurd."
Prize money:$7,500
Afterwards quote:Naomi:"Don't let negative emotions get to you during a battle." Jordan:"But let positive emotions get to you. The more positive you are, the more battles you could win."

Apprentice Luna
Opening quote:"Hello, I'm not the gym leader of Scapite Gym. I'm her apprentice, Luna. My job is to make sure that "tryers" fear to battle our gym leader, Christine. She's very tough. Now, you must know how it feels to test your top skill."

Moves:Water pulse Giga drain Rain dance Blizzard

Moves:Sludge bomb Acid armour Focus punch Rock tomb

Moves:Poison jab Earthpower Body slam Brick break

Moves:X-scissor Metal claw Night slash Swords dance

Defeating quote:"The battle has spoken. You won."
Prize money:$4,700
Afterwards quote:"You are one the toughest I've known by battle. Go ahead. Battle Christine. Victory calls."

Gym Leader Christine
Opening quote:"Well done!For making it this far. My name is Christine, the gym leader of Scapite City. I'm polite and young. I've just been the gym leader for less than a year. I love pokemon so much. That's why I have worked so hard to get where I am right now. So now that we're here, let's prepare for the battle you and I have been waiting for."

Moves:Discharge Screech Magnet bomb Hyper beam

Moves:Earthquake Ice fang Take down Ancientpower

Moves:Psychic Calm mind Charge beam Energy ball

Moves:Dragon claw Aerial ace Zen headbutt Thunder fang

Moves:Ice fang Dragon dance Aqua tail Earthquake

Defeating quote:"Power, Strategy, Thoughts, Happiness. You showed all of those very professionally in our battle. I am most impressed. You deserve the Ampids Badge."
Prize money:$10,200
Afterwards quote:"You're the toughest of the toughest, from me. Here is the Ampids Badge. Take it. The Ampids badge allows you to use HM08 Waterfall. I want you to take this. TM15 Hyper beam is a very powerful attack. However, your pokemon has to recharge in order to attack. Go to Victory Road then to the Pokermon League. That is where you'll find pokemon battling to your ultimate limit. I hope we battle again. Go for greatness!"

That concludes the first series of gyms. I'll make more gyms. Different types than these series. I hope you enjoyed my first series.