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Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
From what I gather, Christianity seems to be more on the belief that the Old Testament is kind of "yesterday's news" and that the New Testament is what really should be followed.
Ahh, your post is such a refreshing breath of sanity.

Honestly, I don't understand the whole "Christians are terrible terrible people because of what they did in the Middle Ages!" argument. That was kind of a really long time ago; blaming today's Christians for yestermilennium's travesties is pretty much in the same vein as calling out today's Americans for condoning slavery, or today's Germans for being Nazis.

Anyway, today's Christians are usually quite nice and casual about the whole thing, barring the stupid people ruining it for the rest of them like fundamentalists. The core values of Christianity are really in the New Testament, and they're quite simple and nice and don't mention anything about stoning the gays or God flying around leveling cities.
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