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Originally Posted by Tombi View Post

People aren't going to forget the Holocaust in hundreds of years time, are they? If the Nazi's returned and half of them stayed with the same views and half of them turned into sweetness and light, I doubt we'd be as understanding as we for some reason are with the Christians.

They freak out when someone burns a church, and convieniantly forget all the sacred places they burnt themselves, and the ruins of top of which they built their own churches. I don't care if they weren't there during the vicious murders of Pagan priests, their religion was still built upon massacre and hatred. That's why I refuse to accept it. It's sick and so god damn wrong.

No rage at you Larvi, ilu ♥
Actually, this would be more like calling normal, everyday Germans Nazis instead. Again, to blame someone for the sins of their fathers isn't fair.

Also, I don't agree with with the Catholic Church did to Pagans either. I see your point, but it just seems like you're generalizing all Christians with what Christians have done in the past. As a Christian myself, there are things Christian leaders have done throughout history that make me sick just as much as you are when looking at what was done. And this is coming from someone that was confirmed by a bishop who was later involved with those child molestation scandals that the church has been involved in. I don't think I need to mention that was probably the main leading reason why I stopped going to church in the first place, among other disappointments.

I totally understand your anger though, and that fact that after two thousand years of silence from God, it does seem hard to follow without any news, guidance, or even a sign after all this time. But there are still plenty of us that feel the same way you do, and that the things that have happen throughout history are disgusting and deplorable. Still, there are many of us that still want to believe and follow the good and positive teachings of these religions, and hopefully rise above whatever atrocities were committed in the past, living for today and working toward a better and more peaceful tomorrow.

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