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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society of Scrupulous Individuals: Blood Red Edition : At War

Originally Posted by ScubatheDiverman View Post
The Dark Shadow Lord knows all. AWHAWHAWAHWAH

Sorry I was gone the whole weekend, busy with stuff. But I've got some good news and some bad news:
Good News: My acekard came today :D So I'll be able to wifi battle!
Bad News: Somehow my back up to my heartgold rom got deleted. So in lamest terms, I've pretty much dropped my heartgold into an ocean and it's gone forever. I might be done with the 4 gen and just do 5th gen stuff now.
Lol. Well, I don't think he knows the second one I did. P: It didn't come out as great, so I didn't scan it. XD

Most importantly; I am so sorry to hear that! D': But, huzzah for da acekard! :3

@DSL: It's fine. P: I'll be sure to randomly disappear once March starts coming around and the soccer season starts for my own training... u_u

@Mightydes: ...I have not been so astonished by the resemblences between sprite redones in a while! XD Lol. That looks really awesome! <3 And, I already have a Gaia account. P:

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