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Default Could we manage without technology?

Today, computers and other technology saturate society, traditionally physical jobs often use their own handy dandy intranet structure to send emails and everything, along with lots of special machinery to aid them in the hard physical work, while all kinds of office work and even schools use their own special made software and hardware to make things easier and more effective. People use the Internet for far more than just finding info; people chat, discuss, and some people even live online. In many pockets, we find phones hundreds of times more powerful than all the computers that were used to send the first men to the Moon, and people know how to use those things.

Now imagine that something happened, be it some strange cosmical phenomenon, crazy EMP warfare, or some other event that pretty much made us unable to use electricity ever again.

Would humanity be screwed, or would we manage to deal with being set hundreds of years back in the past? Would businessmen be able to do the tasks that their computers rush through, manually?
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