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Default Re: Meteor Valley

Meteor Valley RP: AUFan
Ranger Rusty Anderson

Alden demanded a Confuse Ray from his faithful Umbreon. The black fox-like creature began glowing in an eerie purple aura, and before he could react, Espeon was caught in the same aura. The Psychic-type's eyes began twitching rapidly as the Umbreon's attack began taking effect. Espeon was left in a dazed state, clumsily stumbling around.

"Looks like the confusion will be difficult for it to shake," I said, keeping an eye on the sky, in case the Future Sight attack decided to come early.

After a few seconds, Espeon seemed to sober up, but its eyes were still spinning rapidly. The brilliant red gem on its forehead began glowing with a peculiar purple energy as it gently swayed.

"Not good..." I thought to myself, preparing to sprint if it became necessary, "in its current state, Espeon's attacks can hit anywhere."

As I had predicted, Espeon began firing its Psybeam in random directions. Several of the blasts vanished before they could hit any, and some just knocked up dirt. One even managed to explode right under Espeon, causing minor damage to the cat. This made him give up, and instead it tried to snap out of its stupor, which would give Umbreon an opening to strike. However, the sky above us began to glow with a faint purple hue...

Trainer Stats

Name: Alden Umstar
Bag: 6 Park balls, 4 Super balls, 2 Full heals, 3 Max potions
Remaining Encounters: 14

Money: 2,500
Encountered Pokemon: Espeon
Captured Pokemon: None

Pokemon: Umbreon(F/Calm/Synchronize) - 95.93% EMs: Toxic(Out of Ball)
Flareon(M/Adamant/Flash Fire) - 100%
Shiftry(M/Impish/Chlorophyll) - 100% EMs: Solarbeam

Current Encounter: Espeon(M/Modest/Synchronize) - 79.81%
Rarity: Rare(56,000 MCR)
Progress: 9,325

Battle Status

Alden's Umbreon(F/Calm/Synchronize) - 95.93%(Future Sight - 1)
Last Used: Confuse Ray


Wild Espeon(M/Modest/Synchronize) - 79.81%(Confused)
Last Used: Psybeam

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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