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Default Re: |.:The Revocata:. |.:Now Recruiting!:.| [6/15] | Looking for Wifi Battlers!

Originally Posted by fidgety View Post
OK I'll use a nickname

[CENTER]big t/fidgety
[CENTER]none(due to games w/ competitive teams going mia)/PO (was on shoddy but i don't particularly like the project uber server/+ lab last i checked i don't speak the language used in the only active server)
[CENTER]diamond (haven't ev trained)/ smogon (hoping smogonites will stop hating on PO user now that they have a server there)/beta
why do i want 2 join: Been thinking about this 4 bout a 5 -7 days since i battled jello on the PO beta server + was asked 2 join i like the grounds that the clan is established on + hey i enjoy pokemon as much as the next competitive battler (at least should i hate it when people play just 2 win + nothing else and then are jerks when they lose)
will i be active + give fair notice of leaving: will be as active as schedule (school or otherwise) permits + will give fair notice if i have to leave
representitive pokemon: tyranitar (my all time fave)

*edit why isn't any thing centered
You have to add [*/CENTER] after your first center tag. [Without the star.]

Welcome to the clan! I'll update the front page later tonight. As for now, though, let's increase activity, everyone!