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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :..In us you Trust..: @ WAR w/h LMSSI [1/2]

Originally Posted by Save Trees View Post
Did you like it? <3

I didn't know 4chan did pokemon, that's awesome!

I got a shiny larvitar from the gts lastnight, it was the tyranitar you just saw! :D

and a milotic.. something revolving around aqua ring comes to mind, bulky stuff is too common.

Sleep talk seems really sexy to me. +50% defense from marvel scale? Fk yes.
4chan has a Pokemon board. It's quite different from most of the other boards, though it does have elements of /b/. I also happened to get a Larvitar. :) I'm training her to make my own Sandstorm team, which will feature most prominently her and my Aggron. Her nickname is Kuraiyama, which is Japanese for "Dark Mountain".

I'm thinking one of these two sets for my Milotic:

Sleep Talk


Ice Beam
Dragon Pulse

The latter is more probable because it's easier to train him for that. Additionally, Milotic has a Timid nature, so I can really take advantage of his speed.

Originally Posted by iChaos View Post
Sorry you guys, really cute girl came over, and I was distracted and started speaking to her. And then...well lets say we had some fun!! :D
Good for you, iChaos. Hopefully it'l work out well. ^_^
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