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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Location: Denimoore City
Gym Number: 1
Type: Bug
Gym Name: Denimoore Gym

Bug Catcher Don

Opening Speech: I am master in bug catching, I am too in battling! Let me show you my power!

Weedle Lv. 9


Poison Sting
String Shot

Kakuna Lv. 10


Poison Sting
String Shot

Defeating Speech: Oh No! My WEEDLE and KAKUNA, you will pay for this!

Afterspeech: I hate losing, that's why I always train.

Bug Catcher Noel

Opening Speech: I'll test if you are ready to battle the gym leader with my powerful bug pokemon!

Metapod Lv. 11


String Shot

Defeating Speech: Yup! You're ready to go!

Afterspeech: Bella, the gym leader is a lot stronger than me! Prepare for a tough battle!

Gym Leader Bella

Opening Speech: Hi! I'm Bella, master of bug-type Pokemon, aren't they marvelous. They aren't just strong, they can be cute sometimes, I think I am hypnotized! Oh! Yes! The gym battle! Well, let's get started!

Beedrill Lv. 14


Focus Energy
Fury Attack
Poison Sting
Bug Wave

Butterfree Lv. 14

Sleep Powder
Stun Spore
Bug Wave

Defeating Speech: What a marvelous trainer! You're quite strong to beat my Pokemon!

Afterspeech: Wow, I was hypnotized by our great battle! This is a gift from me for giving me such a nice battle! (---- received the STING BADGE) That is proof that you have beaten the Denimoore Gym! Oh! Take this too! I know this will be very helpful especially to a strong trainer like you! (--- received TM28 Bug Wave) Hmm. I guess you should head to the Rolling Hills next, Good luck on your journey!

*Second gym will be in my next post*

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