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Default Re: Individual RP: Jokester Jesse

“Mt. Deckbi here I come,” I said as I brushed my dirty blond hair out of my face and walked into walk into the lobby of the ranger station. There were couches and seats set out like any other lobby, along with a main desk with a receptionist behind it. I noticed my ranger by the way he was heavily dressed, he wore a thick jacket and some long pants, too keep him safe from the ashes that fell from the active volcano Mt. Deckbi. Mt. Deckbi was said to still be an active volcano but wasn’t scheduled to erupt for another thousand years which made me less worried, bit who knew what could happen in a Active Volcano with many different fire Pokémon inside of it.

"Nice to see you," he said, as he handed me a form that said that the National Park wasn’t responsible for any accidents that happened while at the park. "I'm Ranger Anderson, and I'll be leading you through Mt. Deckbi today." He finished.

“Nice to see you too,” I told Anderson as I quickly signed the form and handed it back to him. After giving him the form he handed it to the receptionist to file it, soon after we left to the hanger. The hanger was a gray steel color that he quickly opened. The hanger consisted of many different paths. As I stood staring at the paths Anderson pulled out a Red and white pokeball containing one of his Pokémon.

"Dodeka, I choose you!" he said, as he tossed the ball. Out popped a Dodrio, the Dodrio looked familiar to one that I had traded off to a person I once knew a long time ago. After Dodrio was called out we hopped on it and it began to run down one of the paths that were behind the hanger.

Anderson’s Dodeka seemed to be marvelously fast and got us to where we needed to be very quickly. Soon we were at the bottom of Mt. Deckbi, it was already hot but I knew I couldn’t take off my hoodie or I could have been burnt by the heat and ashes coming from the volcano.

"So, you ready to climb?" he asked, as he looked at me.

“Yeah sure,” I said confidently trying to hide my nervousness.
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