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Default Re: What is this I don't even...

Trainer: Jesse(Jokester Jesse)
Location: Mt. Deckbi
Ranger: Rusty Anderson

NBP 1, NBP 2, NBP 3, NBP 4 NBP 5, NBP 6

VS Hippopatas

Turn 1 - Walrein tried to attack the sleeping Hippopatas, but Hippopatas dodged the majority of the Ice Beam.
Turn 2 - Walrein hit with Ice Beam, but Hippopatas broke free and made its way underground.
Turn 3 - Walrein used Earthquake, destroyed the ground, and Hippopatas tries to use Crunch.
Turn 4 - Walrein tried to use Surf, but was interrupted by a steam vent. It was then hit with Hippopatas' Crunch attack.
Turn 5 - Walrein manages to fire off an exceptional Surf, hitting Hippopatas before it could attack.

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554

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