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Default Re: Individual RP: Jokester Jesse

After confirming to Anderson that I was ready we began to hike the volcano. The volcano wasn’t that hard to climb all we had to do was maneuver through many rocks and debris along the path. Ash was lightly falling from the volcano but wasn’t enough for us to get hurt by. Further up the volcano was a noticeable thicker looking cloud, its color was a dark gray color that looked unsafe for humans.

It was getting hotter as we climbed the mountain but I knew that if I were to take off my hoodie I would most likely get burnt. After me and Anderson stopped climbing we searched the area but there were no Pokémon in the area.

“I ask all my trainers this," he said, as he turned to face me, "but what type of Pokemon are you interested in catching? It's not every day that a young trainer decides to explore a volcano like this one."

I chuckled “Who you calling a Young trainer I'm 52 I have that Andy Millanocus disease” I knew this was a Lie but I wanted to see if Anderson believed it. “ But back to your question, I'm interested in finding a Hippopotas, Gligar, and a Torkoal but anything will work.”
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