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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :..In us you Trust..: @ WAR w/h LMSSI [1/2]

Originally Posted by Wario-Magician View Post
In Game Name: Alpha
Reason for Joining?: (No clan, old clan not working for you) New to this forum
Clan contributions: (Banners, Cloning, Breeding, etc.) I Can breed and clone
Experience With Pokemon: aroung 7 years
Wifi FC: (This time Pokerus Empire will be a WiFi only clan) Let me find my ds.

Also i saw that you guys do not allow pokesav i just want to say that i have a few pokesav'd pokemon but the rest are legit.
Originally Posted by Wario-Magician View Post
Is there like any system that i have to go through , like a test battle or something like that?

^ Greetings Wario, to help us determine where you are skill wise just battle anyone in the clan not in the Akademia tier.
you can battle whom ever ... official test battle is another story.
about the Savd mons.. would you know which of your mons are "hacked" per say and are you willing to let us help you find a legit version of your mon and have it trained to your specifics?

Pokérus Empire