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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :..In us you Trust..: @ WAR w/h LMSSI [1/2]

Originally Posted by Akai Shizuku View Post
Speaking of training, I'm done training my Infernape, Sun Wukong (otherwise known as Son Goku). He's a total bro. Level 52 now I think, and EV'd exactly to my specifications. He's quite different from most Infernape, but extremely effective if my runs at the Battle Tower are anything to go by (we almost got to 50 rounds but lost because I mis-clicked a move >_<). Got a very definite strategy with him. Kicks ass.

EDIT: HEY LS, wanna have a battle after this Battle Tower run I'm in? I'll gladly help you test.
yeah sure, just let me know when you're done