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Default Re: The Council of Brawlers: Currently taking applications, New Annoucements

Originally Posted by RepublicOfIreland View Post
Name: R O I
Years Experience: aroung 5 to 6
Shoddy/PO Name dont have
Shoddy/PO Achievements (Scores only):____
Wifi Name: Its long
Wifi Fc: In my signiture
What is it that you feel you can offer our council: Good battler
What is it you hope to gain from our council: Skill
If you feel you lack experience, to what lengths do you plan to go to become an exceptional player:dont really know
Favorite Playstyle: defensive
Weakest Link in battles:____
I'm sorry, but I think it would be in your best interest to join another clan. None of the members in this are active anymore.
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