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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :..In us you Trust..: @ WAR Lost

Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
i say keep the scarf, check to see what hidden power it has, if it's not a great HP or something the other two moves cover, then ice beam over nasty plot

E:Akai, if you're not investing any EV's into attack or speed, and want to go strictly w/ a bulky, max ev's in HP, and more ev's in Sp def over def, since it's def will be higher, unless you want it to focus on a specific side, like defense, put enough in sp def to be able to take a neutral spec attack on a switch
My Metagross has a Brave nature and is actually the event Metagross from Japan as seen here. I've trained him in max Attack, and the other EVs are all scattered between HP, Defense, and SpD.

So, should I just load him fulla berries and go max Attack and HP?
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