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Default Re: New Pokemon for the third game?

Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post
Not so fast, non-believers! Note that Zekrom and Reshiram used to be one dragon, now split into two. Perhaps it is possible that Pokémon Gray (if it is the third game) might have said dragon, and have it impossible to trade just like HGSS, or find some way to download some kind of update via Wi-Fi connection to Black and White? It's not impossible.

~Professor Geoffrey
I doubt they'd be able to download something onto the cart as big as an entire new pokemon, they couldn't even add the Alt forme's sprites or Griseous Orb. Plus it's completely unlike Game Freak to add a new pokemon mid-generation. Just because it's not impossible doesn't make it a reasonable suggestion.

If that were to happen, then Kyurem gets Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare like its supposed to.
They seem pretty cool, I'd like to see another Kyurem Forme too.

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