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Exclamation Pokémon Elite 2ooo Uber Tournament ... Hosted By: Pokérus Empire

Greetings members of PE2K
Pokérus Empire would like to host the first of many tournaments that we hope you will find challenging and fun.

Sign Ups Have begun and will continue until the roster is full.

The House Rules
* 6 v 6
*Single match
*Gen I-IV only
*Freeze, Sleep, Species, Selfdestruct Clause
*No OU -- BL -- UU -- NU -- NFE
*BANNED FROM OUR TOURNEY: Wynaut & Wobbuffett
*Item Clause * No two mons may use same item

This is a strictly Uber/Legend Tournament people ... You are allowed a Maximum of 1 regular OU pokemon to help diversify the battle field ...
*NOTE: Legendary pokemon with OU classification are for this touney Uber/Legend.

Want to sign up?
Best time to settle your battle:

For the WiFi impaired
Server Name:
Best time to settle your battle:

for entertainment purposes if any participants "YouTube" thier battles and or use your In Game Battle recorder to upload battles to GTS that would be really cool* not mandatory

Pokérus Empire

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