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Default Re: Could we manage without technology?

There will definitely be a lot of deaths, as we'll return to the 'survival of the fittest' notion of a species.

Which will be very depressing, as all of the ill who rely on machines won't live for long. And since we are competitive by nature, this could eventually boil down to a small number of humans who are considered 'cream of the crop', despite how relative perfection is.

One major point of technology is that it allows cushion for any incapacitations a person may have. (Not only physical, per se. Say one moved into another country by themselves, and becomes incredibly upset. The average person, who has their family closeby, has that advantage. If you are alone in a new country, however, you do not. This is where other forms of communication are practiced.

Likewise, it also applies to those who rely on machines to survive, such as artificial hearts, CPAP machines, nebulizers, oxygen tanks, and the sort. Likewise, those who only have movements of their fingers would no longer be able to operate an automatic wheelchair. They would then need to rely on another person to help, giving away their sense of independence.)

Instead of having all 'healthy' humans accustom themselves to those 'defective', the option of purging will be much easier, and sadly, it will be the choice that will eventually happen.

Removing technology will then, as an effect, wipe out much of the world's population, only by pure physical/mental need. Then, once we factor in the psychological aspect of it, as many people who are so accustomed to such technology may go insane, then we'll be left with, well. Not many people.

Sure, eventually those people will reproduce, and the population will fill itself again. Removing all forms of technology will then, well, it would create a New World Order by removing all those 'defective' to the new Order. And we really don't need to get started on how unethical it would be to purge a person simply because they're heavily-asthmatic, or cannot move for themselves, need a beating heart to replace their own, or because they're a chronic bed-wetter who relies on the CPAP's pressure to save them from social humiliation.

I wholly believe in the benefit of technology, and I don't believe it should ever be purged. However, I believe that us, as human beings, should rely more on the most complex machine of all- the human mind. All in all, I don't believe that technology is the root of this problem, this infestation of Facebook friends and Youtube users. I believe that we, as human beings, simply don't know when to stop being dependent.
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