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Default [Team RP] Haloclyst

*insert banner made by Tombi and her awesomeness here*

A small group of scavengers wandered the wastelands, looking for materials, food, water, anything to substitute their basic needs. As they travelled endlessly, out of sight and sound, they gathered a few more meandering souls thought to be lost. Left to die, they slowly came to their differences, bringing their creativity to build a home for themselves. They slowly drew further into the ground, giving a space for humans who feared the above who were shunned from everywhere else. They were ragged, torn up, looking like a smoldering humanoid out of the ashes; goggles, wretched capes as coats to protect them from the fierce sandstorms. They found stragglers and gave them a place, showed them how to create with what was left behind. Any human, and Pokemon, or anything in between was accepted if they needed help, needed a new life. In this, they vowed to forever last in any place, in every place, for those who needed a new purpose.

' The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation. '
~Michael Jackson

Hello stray wanderer...welcome~

Haloclyst is a team based around standing forever strong, doing what we must to remain standing. We do not force a single entity onto you, or others to become part of the Haloclyst, instead we use those differences in creative process; everything around us can be used, there is no such thing as waste, no such thing as uselessness. We are everywhere, in the dawn, in the dusk, always ready at the right time. We are a united front that will always remain standing. We use any Pokemon that we desire to continue our lifespan and existence. Even if we should fade into a mere speck, the Haloclyst will always return. We never end, only continue the cycle of that which is. We do what we know is best for us, we do everything we can to keep moving on forever. We are void of defeat, empty of violence, vacant of fear. We will not attack unless provoked. We will only create what will continue on forever. We may looked ragged, old, dying, but it is highly contrary to what we really are.

Death is merely a change of form. We are the representation of infinity.

Our goal:

As mentioned again, we are to survive, continue on everything we can, and remain forever. We do what we can to remain and make it possible for our group. Everyone is treated equal, even with a leader. If we must reside in hiding to survive, we will do so. We are differences united. Nothing ever goes to waste. We are to be everywhere we can, and know as much as we can, and even if there, we may never be seen. We take in any who need help, we take what was left, anything that was left, and make it useful, give it a purpose.

Motto and beliefs:

As part of the Haloclyst, we believe that everything has a purpose, everything can be used again. Death is merely a change in form, should a living being die, they are then converted into another form of energy to help the planet, or the Haloclyst. No one is lesser or more of another person, everyone is equal, everyone has a purpose and is useful, no matter the skill. Pokemon are our equal, Hybrids are our equal, Humans are our equal. We work together always, and keep each other alive. Life is to create, create is to give life. This in itself supports the cycle that is the Haloclyst.

We do not label by skill, or put you into a category based on your skill, unless you wish to be known by it. We never wander alone unless asked to be alone. We never leave anyone behind, unless they wish to be left behind. We are not to define each other by good or evil, the action is done by the individual. We defend those who can’t, never attacked unless provoked, or for the preservation of our own cycle.

We strive to live~

We strive to last~

We strive to be~
We are, and of, infinity~

Saraibre, Charizard
~Leader and Founder

Rinn, Umbreon
Giratina, Giratina
Emma, Mightyena
Windchaser/Wind, Drifblim
Char, Charmeleon
Jaye, Glaceon

Sign Up sheet:
Any stray soul is welcome. We will take you in with open arms, wings, claws and or coils.

Name: (What you would like to be called)
Gender: (Just for the hey of it)
RPing experience: (How long you have role played for, and or your considered level of RPing)
Pokemon: (What Pokemon may represent you in being stalwart to the group)
Skill: (What area of skill(s) you would like to be known as or have that we know is already helpful to the group)
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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