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Default Re: Deficit commission proposal

Ugh. Before that happens, the deal is going quite sour.

Tax cuts

Honestly it's terrible to give an uneven deal, where the rich gets to keep the tax cuts for another 2 years minimum (which btw would end in 2012, when the Republicans win house again, so they can keep the cuts) plus an estate tax rate drop of 20% AND an increase of tax-free cap by 4 million (wtf? The rich can easily pay 55% off 1 million like it's pocket change anyway) for a measily extension of unemployment insurance for 13 months and a 1y tax break for the workers? Does Obama wonder WHY there's something this uneven happening? What happened to the deficit issue? This deal adds a trillion to the deficit.

Obama even said himself that he can't pass the bill, which is complete BS, as it should be easy with the statistics firmly on his side. Economy is in the top 3 of the things that the American people care about the most, and the polls are heavily in favour of not giving the rich tax cuts. That's a huge trump card that Obama isn't using. If the Republicans are using the people as hostage, let the people turn on those that placed them there in the first place. There is something called "strength in numbers".

Ironically, this deal stinks just as bad as the health care bill. The reason why the Democrats were voting down the health care bill was because there was no public option as intended (you know, the reason why people vote for Obama with a landslide victory in the first place). Now this shows up as well. Now this too. tbh I don't feel sorry for Obama for being a spineless coward, but I do fear for America in 2012. At the rate he's going, anybody can run and have a landslide victory against him in 2012.
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