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Originally Posted by Hoshika View Post
Honestly I think that politicians must hate him for revealing information they were hiding from the public. Some of it seems like what US citizens/the world deserve to know, though, especially for US citizens, since we vote whoever leads us into their positions, and any information given or hidden can twist the vote. I'm not really sure what else to say about it.
As it stands, it is a crime (at least in the US) for Wikileaks to do what they are doing, regardless of whether or not the US citizens should know. I find this interesting, since it's like there isn't a legal method for things like this to surface in a normal and natural manner. If that is the case, then should the government be hiding all of these secrets?

Secondarily, how far should this go? I mean, we should be under no illusion that politicians are all crooks trying to steal from the middle class to serve the shadowy top 2% overlords. How much of that corruption should be revealed?
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