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Default Re: Deficit commission proposal

Originally Posted by Starkipraggy View Post
But how would the tax cuts make anything better? The country is in debt and it still refuses to take taxes from the people? Where does the money to finance the deficit come from then? If the government isn't taking money from the people, then it is spending less. If it is spending less, there's a negative impact on the economy, and don't forget that infrastructure will be left unupgraded. I was under the impression that the public services are already lacking funding and infrastructures such as schools and roads have been suffering. Who are the least dependent on the public services? The rich who gain the most from the tax cuts.

It's basically taking money from the lower classes and feeding it to the upper classes. You may pay less tax, but you get less benefits from the state. If anything not letting the tax cuts go through would improve the economy in the long run.

Unless of course Obama intends to let America sink even deeper into debt, in which case America is still going down in flames.
Um, what? America is on the verge of going into another recession, our growth isn't even enough to keep up with the people entering the workforce to keep unemployment constant, ANY negative pressure to the economy could cause a second recession. The economy >>>>>>> the national debt as a short-term priority, this doesn't take a genius to figure out. If we have another recession, the national debt is still going to grow; tax cuts now actually will increase our total revenue over a period of time since the economy won't tank. Saying that increased taxes won't hurt an economy on the verge of tipping over is pure ignorance. It would be pure insanity to raise taxes for the low and middle class right now. A tight government money policy that was concerned with balancing the budget is part of what caused made the Great Depression to be the Great Depression.

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