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Default Re: Deficit commission proposal

I was thrilled when I heard that Obama actually did something sensible and went for the compromise.

Now I'm not a fan of extending the cuts for the top 2%, but the fact is that taxes can't go up for the lower and middle class. That is the one thing that every single one of us agreed on. The Democrats, the Republicans, the Independents, the common people, the government higher ups, and of course, the bloody economists. Republicans weren't going to budge on it without that top 2% tax cuts. It was a choice for Obama between people warring with each other in 2012 over whether it was the Dems fault for not just doing it for the sake of the common people or the Republicans fault for not passing the lower and middle class extensions and then moving on to the top 2% while the rest of the people in neutral said "they both suck" and don't come out to vote, further removing the centrist voice from the voting booths, or having both sides work together on something in a bipartisan manner, compromising so that both got something they wanted, and in the end evveryone benefits, leading people like me who before were starting to get really sick of all of it to say "alright, they're learning from their mistakes" and go out and vote, likely for Obama for being the one to have the good sense to reach out to the GOP and make this compromise in the first place so that all our taxes didn't go sky high. In other words, this was altogether a politically brilliant move from Obama, and has reinspired my faith in him that he could actually play the role of a bipartisan president (albeit now with a check on his ability to stray leftwards in the form of the Republican house)
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