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The founder of Wikileaks is wanted for rape and molestation in Europe. Anyway, the site's action is not free speech, they were releasing classified documents. Free speech is when you are able to speak against your government, not try to destroy it, which is called treason. Until the magical red letters stating the words: "Confidential" are taken off of the folder, it is not for public eyes.

Let me ask you this. Do you think the CIA ever tells the truth? Do you think the KGB ever told or tells the truth? Do you think that an average citizen will have a better life knowing what the CIA and the KGB are doing? No, probably not. Honestly, I think our governments should have a certain amount of privacy, as any private citizen would like their amount of privacy. The new mentality today tends to make people think that the government is doing something dangerous behind our backs. Which, if you ask me is quite paranoid. I mean, you were born in this country, you live in this country, and the people in the government? The same. Do you love your country? Do you love the ability to talk freely about this subject?
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