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Default Re: My Guardian Angel (PG-13)

Despite the beautiful pond, the chill had followed them. Pushing the unnerving sensation aside, Celebi began to roam the room. Whether she liked it or not, she was going to have to find where this source of power was the most concentrated. A portal through time would be best supported in an area where the fabric of space was used to being disturbed and changed, which meant she had to find the spot Jirachi liked to frequent the most. Something about doing this made Celebi feel as though she was invading her sister’s privacy. She herself could recall her favorite spot: the third to the last branch of a tree that overlooked the shrine in Ilex Forest. If anybody ever dared go there, she would see to it personally that they never found their way out of the forest.

Mew was at her tail, as though he couldn’t trust Celebi with such an important task. The Grass-type ignored that thought. Mew trusted her, she knew he did.

Surprisingly, Celebi’s instincts guided her to the middle of the pond, which she now identified as a lake that stretched to the walls of the enormous room of rock. She circled and summoned a green sphere of light to help her poor-night vision. There, in the middle of the silent lake, was a large stone that rose from the dark water. Its top was smoothed, and its sides were covered with creeping moss. Celebi landed upon the stone and undoubtedly felt Jirachi’s lingering presence wash over her. The hand that held the light sphere began to shake.

“This is it,” she told Mew. Turning around, she met his cold eyes. If it wasn’t for the slow smirk crossing his face, she would have thought he had been frozen mid-flight.

“Great,” was his only response.

Mew touched down while Celebi stood on the top’s edge and looked over the black water. She could easily imagine Jirachi doing the same but with that small, warm smile that always made her eyes sparkle like those of a child. Did she used to stand on this very spot and think about the future, the present, and the past? Did she look upon those shining crystals, so high up and far from here, and think back on her infancy days at Birth Island?

Celebi shook her head and cursed at how much this place was making her think about things she would never normally dwell upon.

“Let’s get out of here,” she murmured to herself.

Ignoring the way Mew pointedly looked at her (did her emotions show that easily on her face?) Celebi raised one thin arm and traced a circle in the air. The portal’s edges glowed a vibrant emerald and illuminated the creator’s solemn features. Mew watched with hungry eyes as tiny fingers ripped the fabric of time and space. Sapphire light spilled out into the water, and a hum began to bounce off the walls.

Celebi turned away from her vortex. Her eyes were wide with silent words, but Mew ignored her plead of understanding to stare into the rip. The fur along his spine stood on end. His tail curled around his feet protectively.

“I see nothing that indicates this is a rip in time,” he said distractedly, if almost skeptical.

Celebi stiffened in slight indignation. “To those who wield time powers, the blue is replaced by flitting images of everything that happened, is happening, and will happen. It’s all I can do to stare at it and not make myself ill.”

“Well then,” his pleased words echoed; Mew faced her with the widest smile of the day, “let’s get going.”

She only hesitated for a heartbeat before the time manipulator grabbed Mew by the wrist.

Arceus, Celebi silently prayed. She then amended, Father,

She pulled her brother forward.

Keep us safe.

They dove in.


Mew could only take a couple of seconds of images bombarding his eyes before he had to shut them and swallow his rising bile. If he was anybody else, he would have been ashamed to call himself the all-powerful Mew.(Though to be fair, Celebi hadn’t mentioned he would be able to see the time stream once inside.)

Celebi watched the passing times. They were only transparent images that she briefly caught sight of before dancing away to be replaced by some other moment in the past, present, or future. The flashing colors and the disorienting movements would make even the strongest of men turn green, and the sensation of being watched would have been unnerving to most.

But it was the cacophony of many voices that still sent shivers down Celebi’s spine. English, Pokémon, and other languages even she did not understand spoke, screamed, and cried. Sometimes, if she was quick enough, she managed to hear a voice and connect it with a moving image. More often than not, she was forced to listen to the voices as though through an immovable veil. It was especially creepy when one of these unseen voices carried her name.

And that seemed to be happening more as of late…

Celebi took a deep breath that went silent within the cyan tunnel. It would be best to get out of there before it happened. For his comfort as well as her own, she gripped Mew’s hand and put on a burst of speed. Another portal shaded in gray appeared. Both Legends flew through and disappeared.

Somewhere in the future, Mew’s voice echoed angrily.

Celebi, if you do not wish to die by my hands, I suggest you take your leave.

Whether fortunately or unfortunately, Celebi was nowhere in sight.


Eterna City was as quiet and peaceful in the year 1645 as in the present, but on the day Mew specified, the air was filled with the joy of a festival. The quaint wooden buildings were alight with burning torches, and together, the flames and the moonlight from above lit the cobblestone streets. Every house was pitch black for their occupants were joining in on the festivities. Even children were allowed to play and don masks and costumes they made themselves.

Despite the uneasiness she held in the pit of her stomach, Celebi couldn’t help but admire the town and its people. Already in Johto, festivals such as these were dying out. With the petty human war going on in the region, the humans were beginning to favor technological advancements over traditions; she couldn’t remember when was the last time somebody brought an offering to her shrine in Ilex Forest. Here, in Sinnoh, ties to her fellow Legendaries were still strong.

It wasn’t until Mew stirred did Celebi realize she was still holding on to him. Starting, she released her brother and flew back, afraid that he would lash out and blame her for his less-than-pleasant time trip. He did nothing of the sort. Mew simply gathered his bearings and smiled down at the dancing and laughing denizens of Eterna City.

“Perfect,” he said, almost in a purr. He turned to Celebi, his mad grin threatening to grow even more. “You really did it, Celebi.”

The Grass-type wrung her tiny hands as her face began to redden. The praise was short lived, however, when she was roughly taken by arm. Mew pulled her down, down into the town and their festivities. Celebi briefly panicked until she looked at Mew, then at herself. They were under Camouflage, but because it was Mew using the attack and not any other Pokémon, their colors were of that of the houses and people they passed. Kids whirled around in mid-laugh to wonder why their shadows had flickered. Men and woman looked up from their drinks as a breeze swept their hair.

“Mew,” Celebi managed to choke out, hating how the wind stole her words and threw them aside. She fluttered her wings and managed to pull up closer to her brother’s head. “Mew, you’re being reckless. We’re being noticed.”

“Quiet!” Amazingly, Mew’s voice was still strong in the harried flight. “The eyes of the humans are the least of our problems.”

Mew suddenly shot upward, out of the town, and they were now racing up a field of towering grass. In the blink of an eye, they spiraled upwards into the thick canopy of a tree. Once he was sure they were hidden, Mew dropped the Camouflage.

“Look over there,” the feline spoke just as Celebi regained her breath and scurried up a branch. Mew parted the branches for her to look out. “By the hill at the edge of town.”

Celebi took one look and couldn’t help but pale. Holding back the urge of groaning aloud, she said, “Oh, Mew, you did not tell me he would be here, overlooking the festival.”

Her brother addressed her with a snort. “Most of us attend the festivals that are held in our honor, especially with the traditions of old dying around us nowadays.”

Mew’s voice dripped contempt, and Celebi understood perfectly why. He had been forgotten as a deity long ago, his temples and shrines destroyed through human war and fear of the unknown. At least Celebi still had her shrine, as moss-covered and barren as it was.

Dialga upon the hill, however, had every reason to look upon the humans and proudly smile. Veiled from human eyes through a simple manipulation of the fabric of time, he leisurely rested with his huge pillars for paws crossed before him. The tip of his tail was twitching in delight, the crest of silver spikes along his back rustling with silenced chuckles. As the time guardian childishly bobbed his elongated head to the sound of wooden flutes and drums, Mew’s scowl deepened.

“He almost caught sight of us,” he hissed to Celebi. Then he quipped bitterly, “But luckily, he is much too absorbed in the festival to think twice about the flashes of color he just saw.”

As Mew began to scan the area, looking for the ideal spot where he could begin the second phase of his plan, Celebi sat on a branch that overlooked Eterna. Now that she wasn’t being pulled along for a ride (or in shock that she had allowed Mew to use her time powers for such a scheme), she could marvel the festival that was happening below.

It was the Temporal Festival, if she recalled correctly. Held every May 29th the denizens of Eterna truly put all of their effort to honor their time deity. The costumes the dancers wore were of the brightest silver and coolest of blues. Celebi watched the procession of people wind around the town, their head crowns of platinum spikes shimmering and their necklaces with diamond centerpieces ringing like bells in the night. Slowly, to the beat of folkloric music, they made their way to the statue at the foot of Dialga’s hill; children and their families followed close behind now that the night was drawing to a close.

Truly, it isn’t fair, Celebi mused. She leaned forward, small wings buzzing longingly. Oh how she wanted to fly down there and dance among the flames, to pretend the festival was for her!

The reality was that it wasn’t. Celebi pulled her legs to her chest and rested her head on them. She hadn’t noticed, what with being with Mew all the time, but it was getting lonely in Johto. Festivals and traditions were dying out. The human war made it unsafe for the Legendaries to visit each other. They always had Heaven, but the only Legend that she felt a kinship to other than Mew was never there.

Because Legendary Trios were not allowed within the Hall of Origin. It had been an unspoken rule since she could remember. Nobody questioned it. Nobody complained. They had their Trio Masers to voice their concerns for them, after all.

But still…

I miss Suicune’s company, the fairy lamented. He is the only one who cares as much for the forests of Johto as I do.

Then a voice chirped in excitement, “I found the perfect spot.”

Celebi whirled around, every part of her drooping at the words. Mew seemed to ignore the way she anxiously bit her lip and only said, “This shall be over shortly, so remain here.”

“Mew,” she ventured just as he was about to dive out of sight. Mew faced her expectantly. Celebi hesitated before saying, “Please don’t go overboard. Don’t alter the time line any more than we have to.”

The kitten cocked his head, his smile saying he found it funny that he was being lectured. “I’ll try to reign in my excitement.”

He left, leaving Celebi to poke her head out of the canopy. Mew descended down the hill quicker than before, but instead of flying into the town, he took a hard right and disappeared into the thick underbrush of the forest. Celebi scrambled onto another, higher branch that overlooked the shadowed glade.

No light from the festival reached this desolate part of the forest. The looming grass was as foreboding as the waters of the deepest oceans. Celebi leaned in and strained to see where Mew had disappeared to. Soon, she caught sight of a shuddering patch of grass. Was it Mew or some Pokémon disturbed from its sleep?

“Mew…?” Celebi dared to breathe. Tentatively, she flitted to the very edge of the branch.

A hand quickly went up to muffle her sharp gasp. The shadowed shape within the grass began to grow. Its head elongated while its arms and feet grew and thickened into pillars tipped with claws. Towering, the creature turned and almost smacked his sister off her perch with its newly-unfurled wings. Celebi flew back but not before catching her horrified reflection on one of the dragon’s shoulder-pearls.

Easy, Celebi, she mentally told herself. This isn’t the first time you’ve seen Mew Transform.

No, the reason her heart beat so erratically was because seeing the Palkia in front of her meant there was no turning back. This wild and dangerous plan was going to be followed through whether she liked it or not.

The Transformed-Mew turned and stared through the trees, his large tail wagging in glee. Celebi watched the thirteen-foot monster take off with a great downbeat of his wings. Once again, her heart skipped a beat. Could she really trust Mew to keep his devilish urges in check?

Quickly, Celebi flew and settled on the top of the tree, sure that the darkness hid her from any wandering eyes. There she saw the Palkia’s white, pink-striped form land in the middle of Eterna’s parade. People screamed and scrambled to get away from Mew’s cold gaze. Those red eyes then turned towards the hill. There. The air shifted ever so slightly. So it seemed Dialga didn’t want to reveal his presence to the denizens. Mew let out a grunt-like scoff. No matter; he was going to come out soon enough.

The beast took flight again and with speed that betrayed his hulking form, whirled around and hit the Dialga statue at the foot of the hill with an Aqua Tail. Granite and water exploded into existence and rained down on the houses and the cowering Sinnohians. Mew landed on the pile of rubble and couldn’t help the smile that crossed his ghastly face.

Dialga came charging like a rabid animal, his cover shredded and forgotten. Mew spread his wings and took off into the air just as the dragon unleashed a Metal Claw. Mew stared down at Dialga and chuckled.

“I’m sure you can do better than that,” Mew quipped, tilting his head and offering his younger brother a toothy grin. “We are supposed to be equals, after all.”

“Do not mock me, Palkia,” Dialga barked in response. He spread his stance and flared his silver crest. “Why did you destroy my shrine just now?”

Mew crossed his arms and pretended to weigh the question. “Maybe I’m jealous of the attention you’re getting. Maybe I was just passing by and decided to anger you.”

“You’re insufferable, Palkia.”

The space deity merely fixed his red eyes with those of Dialga. “What are you going to do about it?”

That was all it took for Dialga to fly up and deliver an Aura Sphere straight at his brother. The hit caused Mew to fly back and shoot the Steel-type a glare. That had actually stung.

I did what I was supposed to do, Mew began to reason.

With a Dragon Claw, he easily deflected another silvery Aura Sphere to the sky. As it burst into a shower of lights, the sound of metal-on-metal cutting through the air, he analyzed his brother and the town below them. With Dialga seeing enough red for the next century or two (Really, he had such a short fuse.) and the people of Eterna defenseless, the town would be wiped out if they continued.

Now it’s time to go.


Mew was surprised the Legend actually stopped mid-Flash Cannon.

“What?” Dialga growled, his diamond center becoming dark once again.

Mew gave him one of his devious smirks. “Find me if you can.”

With that, the Palkia soared into the sky and disappeared behind a veil of lavender light.

Dialga was left quaking in anger.

“PALKIA! You intolerable mass of scales! How dare you!”

The Temporal Pokémon turned tail and flew off. He would be damned if he let Palkia get away with this. A dose of his own medicine would put him right, he thought. His brother was insanely fond of that shrine of his in Celestial Town.

Celebi almost collapsed in a relieved heap. It was a miracle, but Mew managed to keep the town intact.

“Didn’t think I could do it?”


Celebi covered her mouth; this whole scheme was making her skittish. She turned her head every which way, looking for her brother.

“Of course.” The phantom voice gained a body as Mew did away with his Camouflage. He floated in front of the forest dweller with that mocking smirk of his.

“You Transformed and Camouflaged yourself so quickly I didn’t notice,” she admitted.

Celebi then put a hand to her head. Just like she had predicted, this change in the time line came with new memories of a long, bitter rivalry between Dialga and Palkia. A part of her heart ached in guilt, but the rest of her was glad it was done. The mission was finally over. Mew was happy, and if it all went according to plan, Arceus would be too busy settling this feud to pay attention to their actions.

She looked up with tired eyes. “Can we go home, Mew?”

The ancient offered her a hand. “Yes. Everything is set into motion.”


A/N: And that, my friends, concludes Book One of this story. Plenty of foreshadowing here to keep you all busy. I'm quite pleased with those this turned out, much more elaborate than what I originally planned. If you have any questions about the whole time deal thing, feel free to ask. Time traveling is always a subject that confuses me; so many "what-ifs."

So yes, I am glad this chapter is out of the way. Book Two is a whole new ballgame guys. The second main character shows up, as well as other important characters. Mark Antony and Mew and Celebi butt heads. Things become darker as the world itself is in danger. Gah, it's going to be great!

School won't be a big problem for the next chapter since this week is the last week for school before Christmas break. However, I won't promise that other things won't hold my interest. With this coming break, I'll have to focus on studying Finnish, and I need to finish LoZ: Phantom Hourglass seeing as I just got Spirit Tracks in the mail...

Until next time! :D

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