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Default Re: [Team RP] Haloclyst

Originally Posted by Windchaser54321 View Post
Ooh, this looks like fun. Mind if I jump in?

Name: Windchaser (or Wind, if no one cracks any gas-passing jokes. XP)
Gender: Male
RPing experience: Two years, maybe, on and off. I'd say I'm OK.
Pokemon: Drifblim
Skill: Writing is kind of a given, but if it's any help, my style edges on the humorous kind that I would compare to Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, if I was good enough to compare to these gods of laughter...
Welcome to the Haloclyst. Humor is always welcome here.
That makes Rinn now not the only male member anymore. XD

I see some certain people are making plans for us. I would just like to ask how comfortable we all are with improvisation during the Team RP.
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