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Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
The Cold War never ended, and this is only the beginning. The flawed system will lose eventually, and I can only hope for that day to come soon. And shame on anyone who believes the lies and propaganda of the US government. I suggest you read on the principles of Communism/Socialism. How can a system that puts human compassion and sharing above all else be wrong? Right, because the system that puts money above all else said so. Do you enjoy being a slave to money?

Oh wait, you were serious.

Communism is equality in misery. When everything is shared, no one has anything. Communism might work for ants and bees, but not people.

As for leaking classified documents, there's a difference between "Freedom of Speech" and "Freedom to do whatever the hell I want." I don't believe Wikileaks has done anything worthy of being called journalism. The government has as much a right to keep its own secrets as any other person or organization, especially when releasing the secrets could potentially harm its country or other countries. What would have happened had Wikileaks been around in the 1940s and released information about the Manhattan Project to the world? It's not comparable to China blocking information about Tibet. It is reasonable for a government to keep private its private operations. It is not reasonable for a government to block access to information about what it's doing to its populace.

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