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Default Re: Pod

Aw, dangit. I didn't see that people had posted in this. ;(

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Awesome new piece! :D

The ocean in the background looks great! I like how there's this effect that it's growing distant. (does that sound weird? Anyway, cool ^^)

LoL, it's almost impossible not to make her look less lame. With a name like Lyra, you'd think she wouldn't look like Anne Get Your Gun. (Why? Why suspenders? >.<) But you did a pretty good job! ^^ She's a gonna catch that Suicune! xD
Haha, so true... *shudders at suspenders* Thank you so much!

Oh, and just a side note: The Feraligatr looks wicked, but doesn't the teeth come up from the bottom jaw instead of the top? =o
Aw, crap. I knew something was messed up. We'll just pretend this Feraligatr has an overbite. x_X

Originally Posted by Ken View Post
OMG These are amazing! O>O I'm serious, these are really good. Can you do a Dialga btw? :>

I love your style of drawing, and how realistic they look. The HeartGold and SoulSilver one is AWESOME!
Yay, thank you! And you know what, I think I will try a Dialga...

I wanna do some Black and White pogeys too, this thread needs some more drawings. :D

Might as well update with everything I've done since I last posted in this thread, while I'm here:

Fanfic drawings:


This has a lot of graphics in it, but the characters are purely drawn. D: (Thanks, Mario, for making the little movie disclaimer thing at the bottom. haha)

Chapter pics

WAR entries:

Random ponies

First attempt at Black and White characters!

Dislike how this turned out... >_>

Myself running for my life. D:

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