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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Blood Red Edition : 10/15 Recruiting

Originally Posted by samtheguard View Post
Hmm... I'll think on that for a bit.

@Mega, EV training... Blah I used to hate doing that so I always hired someone to do it for me lol
Haha. I ususally don't have a problem doing so, but seeing that I don't do it until I have like 3 boxes of pokemon to train...It can take forever, XD.


Services to earn credit from the shop is now available to ALL members, :D! Members can now EV train/level mons as a services to earn credit from the shop.
You earn the amount of credit listed below depending on the number of mons:
2 pokemon - 1 credit
6 pokemon - 4 credit

You will also be able to keep copy of the mon you trained.
LMSSI Clan Shop
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