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Default Re: Heart of a Lugia [PG - PG 13 for violence]

~Heart of a Lugia~

Part One: Journeys Begin


"What is it?" an adolescent Team Darkstar grunt asked, awestruck.

The 'it' in question was a Pokémon. A big Pokémon, roughly fifteen feet long. The creature was chained to the floor, in a cage, though chained was really the wrong word. Its wings, spiked tail, taloned feet, and long neck were held to the floor of the cage with heavy metal clasps. The cage itself was 'Poképroof', the inside layered with a force field that absorbed Pokémons’ moves and abilities.

The Pokémon was dirty and bloody. However, despite its squalid condition, the Pokémon was still... not really beautiful, but more like elegant. Its feathers, short and spiked on the tips, gleamed like a Salamence's scales in firelight. The long, wicked spikes on its back and tail were a rich blue that was tinged with indigo, as were its sharp talons and the crests it had on each eye. Its wings were structured like huge, square-fingered hands, and its head was fierce looking. Its beak was sharp, as were the fang-like protrusions on either side. Its grey eyes, coldly murderous, were fixed on a man leaning against the cage who calmly smoked a cigarette, hood covering his face.

"A Lugia, moron," the man growled in a smoke-damaged voice. "Just look in your Dex.”

Ordinarily, the grunt would've had something very unkind to say, possibly with a blow thrown in, but he was distracted by the Lugia's unsettling gaze, which was now fixed coldly on him. And the man leaning against the cage was an admin. So instead he just resolved to beat up his Zigzagoon later and pulled out a sleek black Pokédex that was emblazoned with a pair of maroon scimitars crossed over a crescent moon.

He flipped the Dex open with a thumb and scrolled to the Ls. Lapras, Linoone, Ludicolo…

"Lugia: the Deep Sea Pokémon. It is said that one flap of its powerful wings can cause a 40-day storm. It has Psychic abilities that rival that of many other Pokémon."

The grunt swallowed and looked at the Lugia again; it was still eying him with a cold, detached, yet hateful air, but it also seemed, for an instant…smug? Good thing it's chained up…

"Not a bad Pokémon," the grunt managed. "Powerful, for sure."

The admin laughed, sending smoke puffing out from thin, pale lips. "Lyz knows all about power. Why do you think we were ordered to get it?"

The grunt had a question. "How did you and Squad Alpha even manage to catch it?"

The admin dropped the cigarette, now reduced to a smoldering stump, to the floor. "The Tank Sub, electric nets. And a rocket launcher."

The grunt's eyes practically popped out of his head. "A rocket launcher. And Jazz won't even give me a good Pokémon."

The admin barked out a cough that sounded almost like a forlorn attempt at laughter, forcing smoke out of his abused lungs. "It's because I'm an admin, and you're just a grunt."

Now very close to punching the admin in the face, which would get him in serious trouble, the grunt muttered to excuse himself, "Well, I gotta go. Stuff to do."

"Pfft. You just want to get away from the birdie."

"N--okay, fine, I do!" the grunt admitted, temper breaking. "And? You can't blame me!"

The admin laughed in earnest, throwing back his head. His hood fell, revealing a face like an evil jester's with long, greasy black hair and a fine scar down his jaw. "No, kid, I don't blame you a d*** bit, not a d*** bit, at all." He stomped out the cigarette, still chuckling. "But you probably won't see it after tonight, so you won't have to worry your stupid head. Lyz is taking control of it herself, and when she does, nothin' but nothin's gonna stop our lovely Team Darkstar…"


Comments/critiques? More story soon~!
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