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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Hmm..personally I am not fond of it, but that may be just me.

Some pointers:

The light source hurts my eyes. Make it softer; less bright.
The light source is so bright it looks like the focal. The sprites below are shadowed by it. What's the focal? The sprites or the light source? You tell me.
I don't like the bar you put at the bottom. Lol, it just may be me.
It's fine other than that. :)

Well, here's my latest work, 'escaping to the stars'. It's pretty awesome, but may not nessicerily be the best (in my opinion). But the awesome thing is, it's an original! :D:D

The Aron kinda looks like a panda. xD Not really.
lol whut
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