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What is it with you people and not adding borders? Seriously. That's like the easiest thing to do. You guys have beautiful pieces but you're not finished until you have SOME kind of border. If you don't want an obvious border, then do a small border and Gaussian Blur it.

It's easy:
Layer > New Layer
Make sure it's on top.
Select > All
Edit > Stroke
Pick a color, on GIMP you have to pick the color first.
Pick your size.
Now play with effects and settings until you like it.
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The Aron kinda looks like a panda. xD Not really.
You're my hero! You're doing it right. Who cares if the "escape the stars" bit makes no sense. It looks cool, it works. Oh, LOOK! It has a border! Love the pen tool, love the use of the c4d, love the Pokemon card cut out. It's a little bright, but there's not much you can to about that. Good job, Linchy.

I notice people trying to revive graphics, and I don't discourage this at all, in fact I implore it, greatly. But people, come on, get the basics down. Flow, Lightsource, Border, Color Balance, Size or the tag, Size of the render in the tag, all of this is very easy to do, and simple work with. There are thousands of banner tutorials spread across the internet. find them, use them, get better. There's no easier way of putting it. I see vast potential in all of you, USE IT!
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