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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by 8-Bit View Post
First off, why "Escaping to the Stars?"

Secondly, I don't particularly like the reddish area to the left of the Aron, It forces me to look to that instead of Aron. And as the tag progressed, it just kind of came to me that it wanted to 'escape' or something. To add more effect I used the pen tool, to look like it was going 'up', or, 'to the stars'. :) Hope that helped.

In answer to your question;

In the original picture, the Aron was just looking up. As I added the light source it looked like there was some hole in the top of the cave/thingo it was in, so 'looking to the sky'.

Thanks for the feedback; I'll change it.

Originally Posted by XaiakuX View Post
You're my hero! You're doing it right. Who cares if the "escape the stars" bit makes no sense. It looks cool, it works. Oh, LOOK! It has a border! Love the pen tool, love the use of the c4d, love the Pokemon card cut out. It's a little bright, but there's not much you can to about that. Good job, Linchy.

I notice people trying to revive graphics, and I don't discourage this at all, in fact I implore it, greatly. But people, come on, get the basics down. Flow, Lightsource, Border, Color Balance, Size or the tag, Size of the render in the tag, all of this is very easy to do, and simple work with. There are thousands of banner tutorials spread across the internet. find them, use them, get better. There's no easier way of putting it. I see vast potential in all of you, USE IT!

Hehe, you knew it was a pokemon card? :P Well, not surprising. Thanks for the praise. ^^

For your piece, XaiakuX (which I forgot to quote, oh well) What I don't partially like about it is that the doesn't seem to blend in with the rest of the tag/photomanip. While facial features surrounding the eye have a 'dark' sort of sense the eye itself seems...bland? How do I put it? Anyway, I really like how you accomplished the dark effect. Only other thing bothering me is the text. Where'd that reddish bit come from?

lol whut

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