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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by XaiakuX View Post
Now I'm drawing a blank, you've confused me. Here, criticize this, or something, I'm allowed to post this since I commented on several tags beforehand.. =]:

Without Text/Border:

Ohai, I wanted to comment. =]

Hmm, well, lets check these banners out.

I say, your stock images was a really low quality. Well, it looks like it to me. The eye would be clearer, and not so pixely. It if was a higher quality of a stock, I think you'd get much more better results. It'd have a smoother, clearer look to the eye, and it could possibly show more details of the cornea. I think that's part of the eye that shows the color of the eye. I'm sure it's not pupil.

There's not much depth to it. Everywhere on the stock seems to be sharpened. Way too sharpened. Try to maybe blur parts of the stock to give it some depth.

The text on the first banner is good. It's a easy-to-read text. It has a good outline, but the colors of the text are random. I agree with Linchy's concern of the text. The red just popped out of nowhere. In your stock image, you have lots of cooler colors, rather than warmer colors, like red and yellow. And is half of the text transparent? Good idea, but then, it kind of confuses me more of why you used the red in the text.

As for flow, uh, well, there doesn't seem to be any. At least, I don't think there is.

Hmm, I have a suggestion for ya that might make it a bit more interesting for a light source in your banner. Towards the right side of the banner, try to make a gradient map (or whatever you call it) of a bright yellow, bright blue or green, or white. It would show a sort of "light" effect. It could add some more interest to the banner, that's all.

Your placement is pretty good, it wasn't slanted or something. In these case, I think it was good for you to have the eye in the center.

Hmm, I wish there was a bit more to the banner. I'm glad it's not clutter or filled only in effects, pen tool outlines, and c4ds, but it looks plain and boring. Adding textures isn't a bad idea. =] It might create more emphasis to your banner, or more attention to it.

Not your best banner EVER, and I'm a bit disappointed in this banner. However, there is ALWAYS room for improvement for EVERYONE. So, yeah, I know you can do MUCH better banners. =] Overall, these banners are pretty good, but I expected a lot more from ya. ;o

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