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Default Re: Individual RP: Xalapeno

"Mbahaha!” I laughed as I heard the words spoken by the ranger.

"I have the badges of all four regions for a reason..... and fear wasn't it", I replied.

"I'll take on anything that gets thrown at me, and my trusty Pokémon are here to help me through this!” I exclaimed in a stern, yet mellow voice.

I checked my bag one more time to make sure I had my camera and the park balls. With all in check, I reached for the first pokéball on my belt; it was labeled "Fuego". I threw the ball into the air and called forth my Charizard.

The ball swirled in midair and emitted a red beam that took the form of a winged dragon. The red light began fading away and in its place a pokémon appeared. Up above, the Charizard stretched its wings out wide; it was free of the confinements of the rather small sphere. The Pokémon made eye contact with me and then proceeded to land on the ground. It slowly flapped its wings to descend. When it did, its tail lit ablaze and emitted a warm glow. This would have to provide the light for our excursion inside the power plant.

My Charizard and I followed the ranger into the dark building, waiting to find some Pokémon and hopefully capture them. With the aid of the flaming tail, the inside became illuminated. I took a good look around to see what there was and to get a feel for the place.

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