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Default Re: New Pokemon for the third game?

Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post
Not so fast, non-believers! Note that Zekrom and Reshiram used to be one dragon, now split into two. Perhaps it is possible that Pokémon Gray (if it is the third game) might have said dragon.
That seems to be a possibility. :3 It would be really cool, to see them fuse with each other, and turn into that dragon. xD
And, I don't think there will be any new Pokémon, in the third game, if they ever decides to make one in the future. There might be new forms of certain Pokémon, though.

Like someone else stated in one of the above post, it would be pretty cool to see a new form for the Ice/Dragon Pokémon, Kyurem. The current form of Kyurem looks kinda hideous, in my opinion. 3: Well, I guess the legends are really supposed to look hideous and/or terrifying, but still. xD