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Default Re: shadowinfernape's fiery shop

Originally Posted by liek2sprite View Post
Hey there~
Your sprites are pretty good, although with some practice they can become epic! :3

My challenge, if you choose to accept it,

1st pokemon (No Base, not for what I want.): Aggron
2nd: Dragonite
(optional)3rd: Scizor
( optional)4th: Houndoom
These are pokemon with a lot of awesome details you can use.
I want you to make an amalgamon.
Its shades should flow nicely, and its outlines should too.

It seems like hard work, but it will be GREAT practice. n_n
I thought you were MY master! ;A; *hugs*

But in all seriousness, how about a Beedrill+Shedninja. Try to make it look like it's Beedrill's hollow shell.